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Our sales conditions

The site is edited by the BIOTECHNOBEL S.A. Company, whose head office is located Rue Berthelot 106-108, Bte.19, 1190 Brussels-Belgium.

Article 1 - General information

BIOTECHNOBEL S.A. publishes and administers the e-commerce site CELLSCARE.EU. These general conditions apply to sales of products and services at the site CELLSCARE.EU. These terms and specified conditions conditions including ordering, payment, delivery and management of potential returns of products ordered by customers. Placing an order on CELLSCARE.EU for one or more products or services and to select and validate a payment method during the ordering process requires prior consultation of these general conditions and automatic membership, irrevocable and unqualified client these terms and conditions of sale.
Accordingly, the client agrees to be fully informed of the fact that its agreement on the content of these conditions does not require the signature of this document, insofar as the customer wishes to order online the products presented. No special requirements can not, unless formal written acceptance of BIOTECHNOBEL S.A., prevail over these general conditions of sale. The fact that BIOTECHNOBEL S.A. does not prevail at a given moment of any provision of these Terms of Use shall be construed as a waiver to take advantage later of one of those provisions.

Article 2 - General description of products and services

In order to allow the customer to determine what products or services they wish to buy before they order, BIOTECHNOBEL S.A. present on its web site characteristics of the products and services offered for sale. In particular, the catalogue describes the specifications, illustrations, dimensions or capacity of products and duration, description and how and where appropriate, the service provider. In addition, the customer can always contact BIOTECHNOBEL S.A. by fax or e-mail for more information on products and services presented. BIOTECHNOBEL S.A. reserves the right to modify or change without prior notice the products or the services presented in the catalogue.

The selection and purchase of a product or a service are under the sole responsibility of the customer. The inability to use the purchased product for any reason whatsoever, including incompatibility with the other products already owned by the customer may in no circumstances give rise to compensation or cancellation of purchase from BIOTECHNOBEL S.A., except as otherwise provided in these terms and conditions of sale. Photographs and graphics for catalogues and products offered for sale are indicative only and do not bind the seller. Where a product provider changes, the graphic representation of it can not engage the responsibility of the seller-or even affect the validity of the sale.

Article 3 - Guarantee produced

The products manufactured by BIOTECHNOBEL S.A. and sold on site CELLSCARE.EU are recorded near the Federal agency for the Safety of Food chain (AFSCA) and are conformity with European directives.
BIOTECHNOBEL S.A. not is held liable for misuse of these products, poor storage, contrary to recommendations, or consumption of products and especially after the deadline for consumption advocated.

Article 4 - Process of sale and engagement

For each product or service offered, the catalogue indicates the price applicable to that product or service. When a customer orders a product or a service, it undertakes to purchase the product or service at the price indicated on the site at the time when it places the order.

When the purchaser clicks on the icon “I confirm my order”, it is then irrevocably and its acceptance cannot be called into question except application of article 14.

Article 5 - Price

The selling prices of the products and the services being reproduced on the site are in Euros, all inclusive of tax and excluding any costs of delivery. Any delivery costs are charged to the customer and are invoiced in addition to the selling price of goods and possibly services. Any delivery costs are charged to the customer and are invoiced in addition to the selling price of goods and possibly services. Delivery costs vary depending on the number and type of products ordered. The customer will always be informed before the final registration of the order of delivery charges related to his order, and payment will be requested from the customer for the total amount of purchase. Thus, the selection and validation of a payment by the customer implies that the latter agrees to pay the shipping costs involved. Delivery costs can not therefore constitute a valid reason for questioning after the final registration.
If the delivery takes place outside the European Union, the customs taxes and related formalities remain there with the exclusive load of the purchaser. The purchaser then commits himself checking the conformity of the delivery taking into consideration the laws of the country of delivery. If the purchaser wishes that the price be converted in another currency, he will inform BIOTECHNOBEL S.A. in this direction.

Article 6 - Order

Only products and services offered and presented on the site may be ordered. The customer can order from BIOTECHNOBEL S.A. directly on its website following the ordering process. Orders placed engage the customer irrevocably. Any order placed with CELLSCARE.EU will be confirmed by sending the customer an e-mail confirmation of his order. BIOTECHNOBEL S.A. advises customers who order on the site to archive or print a copy of the order until receipt of final invoice. As part of its process control and acceptance of orders, BIOTECHNOBEL S.A. reserves the right to ask the customer to provide additional documentation. The order will be confirmed upon receipt of such documents. The deadline for delivery of the order to the customer may be influenced by any delay in the transmission of information. In case of non supply of parts, BIOTECHNOBEL S.A. reserves the right to cancel the order.

Article 7 - Availability

Product and services are offered within the limits of available stocks. For products not available in the warehouses of S. Nature, offers are valid subject to availability from suppliers BIOTECHNOBEL S.A. In this case, information on product availability will be provided to customers according to the information provided by suppliers regularly. This information is issued directly from suppliers. Therefore any errors and changes are beyond the control of BIOTECHNOBEL S.A. In the case of product unavailability, BIOTECHNOBEL S.A. notify customers by email or fax as soon as possible. BIOTECHNOBEL S.A. reserves the right to cancel the order.

Article 8 - Invoicing

After validation of the order, a detailed invoice is sent to the customer within the parcel.

Article 9 - Payment and security

Payments for the product or services, including the shipping costs are expected in full (by credit card) upon the receipt of confirmation of order. To this end, for each order, the customer must provide the required information, as mentioned on the site. No orders will be accepted or confirmed until the information required for payment have been submitted and validated. BIOTECHNOBEL S.A. company uses the most powerful system of cryptology to make any transactions safe.

Article 10 – Default (Non-payment)

In case of default, including the refusal of the bank to honour payment or because of opposition by the customer on the payment, before or after the conclusion of the transaction, BIOTECHNOBEL S.A. may immediately terminate the right of sale without prior notice. Where appropriate the customer may be asked to pay for the return expenses of the product. BIOTECHNOBEL S.A. reserves the right to refuse to make a delivery or an order from a customer who did not fully or partially settled a previous order or with whom a dispute was under administration. BIOTECHNOBEL S.A. can retain, as a penalty clause, the advance payments could be paid.

Article 11 - Delivery of products

The products will be delivered to the customer at the place indicated by him to BIOTECHNOBEL S.A.. All deliveries are carried out with a tracking system. The work by the carrier or the postman gives rise to the signing of a receipt by the customer. The customer must check the packaging of the goods upon delivery and report any damage to the carrier on the delivery and BIOTECHNOBEL S.A., within three (3) days.

Article 12 - Delivery time

The delivery time is based on items ordered and is indicated in the Delivery section. The delivery time taken into account in the case of one order, however the delivery will take longer if there are several orders. The delivery period mentioned above is established only as an indication and is function of the possibilities of provisioning and transport of BIOTECHNOBEL S.A. Exceedances of the delivery period may in no circumstances give rise to damages or cancellation of orders. In any assumption, the delivery of the products and the execution of the services within the prescribed times can only occur if the customer client has fully paid the price to be paid for each of the products or services that have been the order and the freight costs and, where appropriate, provide supporting documents requested by BIOTECHNOBEL S.A. in accordance with the conditions described in Article 9. In case of late delivery from the date originally scheduled, the customer must notify BIOTECHNOBLE S A in writing (mail or fax), in order to improve the quality of service and enable BIOTECHNOBEL S.A. to proceed to investigate the delay. If during this period, the product is recovered, it will be immediately re-routed to the customer or the person named in the order form. However, if the product is not found at the end of this period of 21 days of investigation, BIOTECHNOBEL S.A. proceed at his own expense to a new shipment of products ordered by the customer. In the event that the product is then no longer available it will apply the provisions referred to in Article 7. In case of exchange of product, delivery costs will be borne by the consumer.

Article 13 - Errors or anomalies delivery

In case of any discrepancy or errors in the delivery (such as damage or broken product or package) and/or in case of non compliance of products in kind or in quality compared to information given on the delivery, the customer should inform BIOTECHNOBEL S.A. under the following conditions on the same day (on the delivery form of "handwritten reserves", accompanied by the signature of the customer the right to be given to the carrier at the time of delivery) or before the first working day following delivery to BIOTECHNOBEL S.A. by email or fax. In case of error of delivery or exchange, any exchange will be given to the carrier as a whole and in its original packaging. The product will automatically be exchanged subject to availability or refunded if it was not available. Any claim which is not carried out in the rules defined above and in a timely manner, can be taken into account and build any BIOTECHNOBEL S.A. responsibility for customers. The exchange fees are the responsibility of BIOTECHNOBEL S.A., except where it would prove that the product does not correspond to the declaration of origin made by the client in the return.

Article 14 – Exclusion of withdrawal

The customer has a period of 14 days from the date of delivery of the product purchased on the site to return the product to BIOTECHNOBEL S.A. for exchange or refund, without penalty with the exception of costs of return. BIOTECHNOBEL S.A. accept for exchange and refund of goods only if all and each of the following conditions are met: a) the return of products must be made within the time prescribed in the first paragraph of this Article, the date on delivery authentic b) the product must be returned in its original packaging intact, c) Any return by post should be done with acknowledgment of receipt, failing to take into account the loss of goods during the carriage return will not take place. Any product that has been damaged or whose original packaging is damaged will not be refunded or exchanged. Products such as food supplements should not have been unsealed so that the customer can exercise the right of withdrawal. BIOTECHNOBEL S.A. reserves the right to determine in good faith if all these conditions are met. When we receive the returned product by the customer, BIOTECHNOBEL S.A. send e-mail to confirm receipt of the proceeds. The reimbursement can be made by check within 30 days after sending the confirmation of receipt of product to the customer. The costs and risks related to the return of a product are the sole responsibility of the customer.

Article 15 - Transfer of property of products and risk transfer

The transfer of ownership (property) and transfer of risks related to product sold at the time of delivery, the date on the delivery order is considered as the delivery date.

Article 16 – Warranty and after sale service of products

The seller commits himself exchanging every product which is not conforms to what is awaited. If the purchaser chooses an exchange, this one can relate only to one product strictly identical to that initially ordered by the purchaser, except if the product concerned is not available any more to the date of the order of the contractual guarantee, either temporarily, or because of disappearance of the product of the electronic catalogue. In this case, a similar product to that initially delivered is offered with the purchaser, as soon as possible. If necessary, the customer can always contact BIOTECHNOBEL S.A. by email or fax for information on how to proceed.

Article 17- Limitation of responsibility

Any kind of BIOTECHNOBEL S.A. responsibility for any kind of direct or indirect damage arising from the failure or improper performance of the sale of a product or service will in no event exceed an amount equal to the price of the product sold or service.

Article 18 - Evidence

The records stored in computer systems of each party, under reasonable conditions of safety, will be accepted as proof of communications, contracts and payments between the parties.

Article 19 - Personal information

The information requested to the client is required to process the order and will not be disclosed to third parties. In accordance with law of December 8th, 1992 relating to the protection of the right to private life with regard to the data processing in personal matter (law on the protection of the right to private life), with the European Directive 95/46/CE of October 24th, 1995 relating to data, files and freedoms, the customer has at any time a right of access and rectification. To exercise this right it must apply to BIOTECHNOBEL S.A., rue Berthelot 106-108 Bte.19, 1190 Brussels, Belgium.

Article 20 - Applicable law

These general conditions of sale are governed, as to their interpretation and execution, by Belgian law. In case of dispute, the customer is priority for BIOTECHNOBEL S.A. find an amicable solution. The Commercial Court of Le Brussels has exclusive jurisdiction, regardless of delivery location and method of payment accepted.

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