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Our Philosophy

Human body is made of 10 billion cells. The function of these cells is essential to bring the specific nutrients necessary to their metabolism. The cell is a machine to produce order. The function of the cell is to coordinate and organise the function of all matters in our body. It is a universe in itself.

The cell is a unit and a whole in itself. If misused and abused, it loses its self-regulation and its capacity to feed us correctly. If treated well, the cell recovers its balance and restores to its normal operation which is to keep the integrity of the body.

Health is more than simply the absence of disease. It is, as the W.H.O. defines, a state of physical, psychological, mental and social wellbeing representing the good performance of the internal and external sense of healthy existence.

Each body has its own individual functions and needs which are the reflections of its metabolic equilibrium. This equilibrium contributes to the wellbeing of the body.

The metabolism corresponds to the whole of the biochemical processes which are carried out in the body. The normal functioning of an organism is a precarious and delicate balance between the two great stages which are called the anabolism and catabolism. The slightest disturbance of this balance causes disease. In majority of cases, any disease is the result of a metabolic dysfunction. This is when there is an increase of catabolic processes over the processes of anabolic.

The symptom is a signal meaning a latent imbalance. It means an imbalance between the nutrition given to the body and the nutrition required by the body. If this continues the body is weakened with the risk of the disorders persisting and aggrevating.

The CellsCare® products do not mask the symptoms. They help the organism to find a balance to regulate itself, wherever the problem appears, without disturbing any other body functions. They bring the raw materials necessary to the cells in order to maintain and restore a balance in the metabolic and biochemical processes. Since the cells are alive, they can carry out their own repair provided that they have the necessary ingredients. If not supported, the cells have to use their own reserves which then deplete the normal function of the body.

The CellsCare® products adapt to the biological rhythm of the cells which differs from one organism to another. They do not block nor do they force the metabolism, but boost it. Any radical change disturbs the normal process of the cellular life. To respect the rhythm and the integrity of the organism as a whole makes it possible to achieve, carefully, a better efficacy.


The raw materials used in the manufacture of the products consist of simple elements with the highest degree of purity. Each component is selected with precise concentration, scientifically studied in relation to the biological and biochemical operation of the cells. The ingredients are selected so as to optimise their biodisponibility. The cofactors of assimilation added to the raw materials facilitate the process of cellular transformation.

The whole process, from the choice of the ingredients to the formulation and manufacturing of the products is carried out in our laboratories in Belgium, in order to guarantee the highest quality.

The CellsCare® products are in accordance with the strict regulations enforced by the European Union. The aim is to improve the wellbeing of the users according to methods specific to each product of the range. All the ingredients used are free of GMO.

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