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Incidations of maladies

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DigestionCardiovascular systemInflammationCholesterol
Food intoleranceAcid reflux or Reflux gastro-oesophagienGastrointestinal systemAntioxidant
psychisch and emotional balanceBulimiaAllergyStress
MigraineHepatic and pancreatic systemsOxidative stressPremenstrual syndrome (PMS)
AgingFatigueNatural defensesCirculation

Please make a selection among the following options

Hey feverPollutionAcne

The following products will help you:


Helps to decrease the dysbiose, helps to balance the commensal flora.

€ 47,00


Helps to Boost the natural defense system and increases the resistance of the organism. Facilitates rapid surge of energy for symptoms of chronic fatigue. Helps to reduce the oxydative stress.

€ 47,00


Helps to balance the gut flora, boosts the natural defense system, improves the intestinal transit, helps to reduce weight, helps to reduce the chronic fatigue.

€ 47,00


Helps to relieve the muscular and joints pains, helps against stiffness and pain in muscles.

€ 41,00


Helps to reduce intestinal hyperpermeability and intestinal disorders.

€ 37,00


Helps to protect against the free radicals, acts on the oxidative stress chain, natural antioxidant with wide spectrum.

€ 46,00


Helps to increase resistance to the allergens, help for allergy season.

€ 38,20
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